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Please take a look at the number of sites which have been developed and maintained with Easy2Use CMS or its elements.


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Easy2Use CMS will help to


make your site

 - editable

 - dynamic

 - up-to-date


We will install Content Management System on your existing site or develop the new one.


We will provide your site with modern dynamic features such as automatic news, forums, teasers, vote forms and statistics


We use the unique low-resources technology. End user got the usual static HTML pages. Admin has an access to the pages through PERL script that provide him with admin interface over the site.

 - it's FAST! No software on server needed but WWW-server

 - it's CHEAP! No database needed on hosting

 - it's FLEXIBLE! We can install the system onto existing site with any design

 - it's EASY! Admin interface only highlight the editable elements on site


Now we have following plain-text WEB components:


·        Content Management System (Static)

·        News Update System (Dynamic)

·        News Grabber (Static)

·        Forum / Message Board (Static)

·        Express-Test System (Dynamic)

·        Voting System (Dynamic)

·        Mailing List System (Static)

·        Spylog (Static)

·        Statistics (Static)

·        Teasers system (Static)

·        Online Catalog (w/o sales) (Dynamic)


More Detailed description


We use this static technology in all features we can. For dynamic features such as online catalog we also use plain-text database that show the better performance than usual database on number of records less than 10,000


Advantages of "static" technology:


 - Extremely fast loading

 - Simple links (http://page.html instead of http://cgi-bin/script.cgi?blablabla)

 - Data is stored directly in HTML file - easy and safe

 - No SQL, SSI, PHP, ASP, etc. required on hosting! We need only PERL (that standard)

 - Advantages for Search engines

 - Easy implementation - we need only to add control sequences to existing HTML pages


Advantages of our "dynamic" technology

 - Data is stored in binary/text files

 - No SQL, SSI, PHP, ASP, etc. required on hosting! We need only PERL (that standard)

 - Easy implementation - we need only to add control sequences to existing HTML pages

 - Link to this page should be changed from http://file.htm to http://cgi-bin/ the script will show the page clear but change the control sequences to Dynamic data from database.


Content Management System (Static)


Enables Administrator to change the site content using special script that manages the HTML pages. Administrator sees the pages through the script and all the changeable details are highlighted with special symbols. The system contains code for:


- Editable text blocks

Administrator can edit any text block marked as editable with control sequences in HTML code. When clicked "edit text block" admin being sent to Editor page that enables to change text markup using simple WYSIWYG HTML editor.


- Menu editor

Administrator can Edit and Add new menu items. When menu item being added the new Page being generated automatically using Template. Menu items preferably can be text, picture items are not recommended but possible. Menu items CAN has roll-over java-script, it will be generated automatically when added. Menu items CANNOT has other scripts like layered submenu, etc.


- Switch code

Allow admin to change binary state (for example color) of some elements. Switch code can be nested inside menu elements that enables Administrator to mark some menu items. It implemented as 2 pieces of HTML code, one of which is works and another is commented-out. When the control symbol being clicked the pieces of code is toggles their places.


- Teasers system integration

The Administration pages can contain the Teasers control symbols that contains links to the teasers system that allows Administrator to edit teasers database. About Teasers system see below:


- Meta-tags editor

Allows admin to edit META tags keywords needed for Search Engines

 - Block Synchronization

Some parts can be the same on the different pages such as the logo or main menu. The synchronization tools make all the parts that must be the same looks similar with one click.


-News Update System (Dynamic)

The standard news system. Allow Administrator to Add/Edit/Del news. Front-End script contains easy-to-use calendar with highlighted new days or Search-by-date form. Also it can process the standard queues such as 'N last news' or 'All last news for N months/days/years, etc.


News Grabber (Static)

System can scan the external sites in RSS format and filter the news by keywords and dates. Then they can be published to the static page of our site. Admin also can Add/Edit/Delete news. The Script can be run by Cron every day or every week to keep news up-to-date.


Forum / Message Board (Static)

They are similar. In addition forum allows the hierarchical tree of messages. Easy to implement into any design. We need the ready page for forum where to insert the control sequence that be processed with script while new message adding. The administration script allows to edit and delete messages. Can be integrated with Mailing List System (see below) to send notification every time the new message added.


Express-Test System (Dynamic)

User asked the questions organized as list of radio-buttons. As a summary he gets the number of right balls and result answer. Data is stored in text file with questions and answers, the right answers are signed with (+) or with (+N) to add N balls to the result if user chose this answer. The script checks the answers using the same file.


Voting System (Dynamic)

User asked the questions organized as list of radio-buttons. The result is the number of users who answer in such way for every question. Script restricts the multiple attempt to vote of the same user.


Mailing List System (Static)

Front end:

- the subscription form

- the unsubscription form

Administrator pages:

- email addresses list (with possibility to delete the address)

- the post message to the list page

E-mail addresses are stored in text file.


Spylog (Static)

Fix all the visit of the certain page where the spy IMG is located. Fix the IP (and internal IP if Proxy) and host name of the visitor. Admin script can display all the visits as table and count them. There's the possibility to organize the archive (manually but simple).


Statistics (Static)

Counts the number of visits of every certain page for every day/month/year where spy IMGs are located.


Random Teasers System (Static)

·        User can see the random order of banners/teasers on a fields of every page of the site.

·        Teasers HTML code pieces is stored in text file.

·        Easy-to-implement to the existing pages. We need only to write the control sequences that will be randomly substituted with teasers code by the script.

·        Administration pages allow to Add/edit/Delete teasers

·        As Additional feature script can show random pictures such as 'pic of the day' for example.


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