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Project name:



the leading residential New York City real estate agency dedicated to providing outstanding service to apartment rental and sales clients from all over the world.

The Challenge

To improve their positions on extremely growing real estate market they
desired to create a system that will allow real-estate agents to enter advertisements in a real time environment. This meant that once the ads are entered through the agents’ only section in the site they will automatically be inserted into the online database. The proposed output format was rigid and inconvenient, so the additional task was to make it more user friendly. Also the administrative part and functionality were to be developed.

The Solution

° Develop a new and improved search interface to optimize for various
search criteria and display of summary and detailed property information.
° Develop interface for Agents Only section to allow for agents to easily
manage listings.
° Develop interface for admin section to allow for management team to
Add/Delete agents, assign passwords, generate reports, etc.

Agent Account System
° Each agent was assigned an ID# that will be required to enter listings.
° Agents were enabled to enter, delete and edit their listings.
° Implemented was input link for Virtual Tour.

Timeout Listing Utility
° Listings were configured to become inactive from the system automatically after specified number of days from input expiration.
° The system was enabled to store all inactive listings for additional 30 days in an alternate storage component.

Log and reports
° query total number of listings an agent placed within a certain time period
° query total number of listings within the database
° query by Price Ranges
° query by Size
° query by Location

E-mail notification system
° An email was to be sent to the agent when a listing was deleted by the

Administrator Functionalities
Administrators were enabled to execute the following actions:
° add and delete a new agent into the account system
° delete an individual listing
° delete all of the agent’s listings after the agent is taken out of the system
° set the limit on the amount of listings an agent can have in the system
° access inactive listings

Tools and technologies

Platform/OS PC/RedHat Linux
Language Perl, Javascript
Tools MySQL Web Server; Apache
Category Web-applications


The Customer was satisfied with the job results and expressed eagerness for further cooperation.


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