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Project title

Modernization of the automated high-bay warehouse.


SCA Hygiene Products, Svetogorsk branch (Russia).

The challenge

Modernization of the process control system in the high-bay warehouse with total replacement of automation hardware and software.

Distributed control system with more then 50 programmable logical controllers (PLCs).

Speed up production loading and unloading.


The Solution

A high-bay warehouse was built in 1987, extending over 6 floors and with up to 20 rows, each with up to 40 pallets. Warehouse was renewed in 2001 because of electronic equipment obsolescence and changes in busyness requirements. Proprietary controllers were replaced with modern PLCs. Mitsubishi’s frequency inverter’s of FRU series were used to control drives of vehicles, which transport pallets with production Automation software was replaced totally with new one made by Developer.

Low level of the system is responsible for control of vehicles. Each pallet should be positioned with an accuracy of 2 mm in the rows, which are 80 m long. Each vehicle is controlled with its own PLC.

Middle level of the system is run on the central PLC, which is responsible for general placement of pallets in the warehouse. It coordinates low level PLCs, creating routes of pallet’s in the warehouse depending on the type of production and operator’s requests. Low level PLCs are connected with middle level via three RS485 lines. Middle level PLC has database of the entire production stored in the warehouse.

High level consists of two PCs with man-machine interface integrated with the simple warehouse management program.

Developer’s responsibility includes:

  • Design of algorithms and communication protocols.
  • Development
  • Deployment
  • Training of operators
  • Warranty and post-warranty service.

Tools and technologies

Real time system.

Programmable logical controllers IPC PS1 (Festo).

Communication via RS485.

Language: C.


Renewed warehouse was launched in 2001. New automation system provides more flexibility for logistics department of our client.


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