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Project name

Computer-Aided Innovation Solution


Invention Machine Corporation

The Challenge

Constantly growing challenges of the global competition in the quest for technological innovation force R&D professionals to strive for knowledge-intensive innovative solutions. To keep pace with the market, companies must seek effective solutions in technological innovations using available resources in the most efficient manner.

The Solution

Developer has processed for Invention Machine Corporation a knowledge-based, computer-aided innovative software solution that enables professionals to tackle engineering problems during the design stages of system optimization.

This innovative software solution is based on complex algorithms and knowledge that help to improve and optimize engineering systems and industrial processes.

The software solution provides:

  • Diagnostic analysis of engineering systems
  • Identification and elimination of problems that, when resolved, maximize the value of a system
  • Recommendations for optimized design configurations

The Product Analysis and Process Analysis modules are the strategic conceptual design tools that help to identify the core problems in systems and processes, as well as allowing the systematic exploration of innovative design variations.

The product allows the creation of a model of the system or manufacturing process in terms of the functions performed by its various components.

Computer-aided Analysis in Conceptual Design

The Feature Transfer module provides both a problem statement and a problem solving tool. It is effectively used to incorporate desirable features from alternative systems into a single innovative solution.

Largest Scientific Effects Knowledge Base

The Effects Knowledge Base, currently the largest scientific effects library, contains over 10000 animated effects and examples to stimulate lateral thinking for creative innovation in both day-to-day and complex problem solving.

Integrated Problem-Solving Applications

The problem solving approaches incorporated into the Prediction and Principles modules are firmly grounded in successful product development strategies. The Principles module employs TRIZ-based Inventive Principles to help R&D professionals resolve problematic interactions between system elements.
Finally, the Internet Assistant module provides meta-search capabilities and targeted patent trend visualization.


Optimized system designs will maintain or exceed their original functionality, cost less and have fewer problems.


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