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Project name



Seer Technologies, Inc., Relativity Technologies, Inc.

The Challenge

The Client had developed and was selling a proprietary platform for business application development (HPS – High Productivity System). In order to attract new customers, it was important to be able to import a custom-built application written in COBOL into this platform. The problem was complicated by the fact that legacy platforms were noticeably different from the target HPS platform. Later on this developed into a solution for a more general task – legacy transformation from old languages, such as COBOL, PL/I, Adabas NATURAL into modern languages (C++, Java, Visual Basic).

The Solution

RescueWare® is the first end-to-end solution designed to automate, simplify and speed the transformation of legacy systems to component-based architectures and modern technology platforms. RescueWare is a graphical, repository-based Windows application with an intuitive and fully integrated workflow for transforming legacy applications. This integrated solution provides revolutionary technologies to assist in the creation of flexible business systems while converting legacy applications into modern platforms and languages, such as Java, COBOL, C++, Visual Basic, and HTML.

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Tools and Technologies

OS/2: Borland C++; Windows NT: Visual Studio 6 (C++, Visual Basic, Java)


RescueWare dramatically improves the economics of modernizing business-critical legacy systems by automating the transformation of these systems to the Internet or client/server platforms. RescueWare significantly reduces the risk within these projects by using advanced technology to identify, extract and transform vital business rules and workflow into modern flexible computing environments. By transforming legacy applications into modern systems, organizations can rapidly integrate their business with the Internet and take advantage of modern application architectures and languages.

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