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Project Title:

AgentBankSelect - web-based application for financial analysis

Client (Country):

Laculine Ltd (London, UK)


Customer company Laculine Ltd has got an order from one of its client, Thomas Murray group (London, UK), who's core business is providing its clients with financial information based upon permanent tracking and monitoring over 100 markets and over 140 Central Securities Depositories (CSDs), Thomas Murray global research center provides up-to-date information and risk assessments on domestic securities market rules, regulations, systems, and practices and CSDs. Company business process includes preparing and sending questionnaires (containing several hundreds questions) to banks and other financial institutions involved in global custodian market, collection, management and processing of data received in response to questionnaires, analysis and creation of ratings and reports for the clients. In former time customer company employees were executing most of these processes using general-purpose office software - text processor for preparing questionnaires, e-mail client for sending questionnaires and receiving answers, presentation editor for making reports, etc. Obviously, under these circumstances, manual work resulted in low performance and relatively high probability of mistakes.


Developer's engineers working in collaboration with Laculine Ltd designed, developed and deployed web-based application and the set of utility tools automating business processes described above. Application includes database and web-interfaces:

  •        for administrators preparing questionnaires to be answered by custodians,
  •        for global and regional custodians providing requested  information describing their services and financial status,
  •        for experts evaluating answers and preparing ratings and reports,
  •        for clients accessing evaluation results

Tools and Technologies

  •          Database: MS SQL Server, T-SQL
  •          Web-interfaces: ASP (Jscript/VBScript), OLE DB, ActiveX
  •          Utilities: VB, VBA


Application is in continual use by Royal Bank of Canada, HSBC, Deutsche Bank and Bank of New York, having been successfully audited for security and data integrity.




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