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Project name

EFB – Electronic Flight Bag.


Major customer is Boeing Corporation.


The requirements were to develop and certificate software conforming to

RTCA/DO-178B (Software Considerations

in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification) for display of various

flight information to pilots.


Developers’ team redesigned Linux Kernel and GLIBC used in EFB

software and developed new drivers, services and high-level application

and graphics software for Linux machine and also services

and drivers for Windows machine. Testers’ team tested Linux Kernel,

services, libraries and applications with sets of robustness and normal

tests. The GCOV GCC tool was used for test coverage analysis at the source code level.



Tools and Technologies

MS Visual SourceSafe, Merant Version Manager, CVS, Merant Tracker,

C-Forge, Vim, Emacs

GNU C/C++, Assembler(x86), AWK, Perl, Bash


EFB is used on modern Boeing's aircrafts.


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