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Project name

Zenith Spectrometer Software


Software company Softability Oy provides software for a laboratory informatics company, world leader in high-tech instruments with annual sales in excess of over $2 Bn. As is the latest trend in software production, Softability Oy designs the software, outsources its development to an external service provider, and performs the project management of the software development.


According to the laboratory informatics company's request, Softability Oy designed FDA-compliant software for the new spectrometer. The purpose of the software was to allow the user configure and perform measurements, to generate reports, to provide data visualization and data analysis tools, and to store the measurement results for unlimited time. According to the design, the software included an MS SQL database, communication module for communicating with the spectrometer, and a .NET Windows-based graphical user interface. For data security, digital signature was to be implemented.

For the spectrometer software project, Softability Oy selected Developer as the external service provider. Softability Oy considered several potential outsourcing partners. Recommendations play a very important role in selection of an external service provider. One of the Softability Project Managers had previous experience of working with Arcadia on outsourcing projects and highly valued Developer' services. The Project Manager's recommendation and experience played a crucial role in selecting Developer as the service provider.


Developer established for Softability Oy an offshore software development center (ODC). Under the ODC model, a dedicated team of developers was assigned to the Softability's project. All project management was on the customer's side. Developer provided the team with administration, facilities, and resources. The development team and the Customer's team had regular meetings, either at Developer, or at the Softability's premises. During the meetings, all aspects of the development were discussed, which allowed to minimize documentation work. The two sides exchanged daily several rounds of e-mail. All source code and other project-related files were stored in the version control system at the Customer's side. Developer's team accessed the version control system via the Internet.

At the beginning, four software developers worked at the ODC, and later, the team was expanded to six developers. All developers were highly experienced in technically similar projects, but they had to gain additional knowledge in the subject area of spectrometry. Since the software had to be FDA-compliant, the developers also scrutinized the corresponding FDA requirements. Although the general architectural design was performed by the Customer, developers designed separate modules, such as data visualization and report generation modules.

Tools and Technologies

DBMS: MSDE 2000, MS SQL 2000 Server
Programming languages: C#
Development environment: .NET


The project lasted for 18 months and was successfully completed. Developer's ISO 9001:2000 certified quality management system ensured the high quality of the product. Softability Oy was very much satisfied with the result and has plans to outsource to Developer software for two more spectrometer models.


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