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Various areas of modern business faced the necessity of automation, electronification and software support. This concerns all kinds of enterprises: starting from a small company in need for a web-site and ending with a giant corporation which requires a reliable multifuctional EPR system. Business fields are different, and so are their problems. In this case software developers which customers make contacts with have to be not only good performers but also good listeners and advisers. Developers are supposed to understand the specific language of their clients and translate it into technical terms to realize an effective product. An ideal software-maker ought to combine programming abilities with fine understanding of the client's business.

Russian-programmers is one of very few brands that stands for real developers approaching this ideal. Our aim is to help you identify your problem, which is extremely important. It's obvious that better progress is achieved when all requirements and specifications are set clearly from the very beginning and remain unaltered or subject to minor changes only. However, this doesn't mean any inflexibilty on the developer's side. On the contrary, identifying the business problem is at the same time getting prepared for any further turns and consequences it may include.

Finally, the message is: you don't want just to hire an experienced programmer, you want to find a long-term partner who will continuously help you develop your business with the means of his software skills. 


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ScG offers its Customers a number of software solution samples with detailed description and distribution between different types of business and services.Don't hesitate to address us for information on any types of solutions or business areas which haven't yet been reflected in the list and which you take interest in!

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